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Plain cream ballpoint plunger pen with retractable nib, and Hearing Dogs logo on the side.


Puppy Face Socks

Puppy Face Socks

Available in three sizes

Beautiful tan and white spaniel jumping in mid air over a green field. The Hearing Dog logo is shown in white at the top right hand corner, with the  words Hearing Dogs  2024 charity calendar written in white in the bottom right hand corner.

£3.75 £7.50 50% off

Small folded up bag in pouch on the left and unfolded shopper bag on the right. The bag features sketch illustrations of dogs of different sizes, colours and breeds all wearing the official Hearing Dogs jacket.


Hearing Dogs Tea Towel


A small silver coloured torch with a green band around the middle showing the Hearing Dogs logo.


Foldway shopping bag with a cartoon puppy face logo pattern. The bag is unfolded and stood up behind the small pouch that it packs down into.


Matt burgundy diary with black panel down the right hand side. The Hearing Dogs logo and web address in at the bottom on the burgundy side. The black panel has a pouch which holds a silver effect pen and has the year 2024 underneath.


A square white coaster with sketch drawings of a brown Labrador, golden Spaniel, apricot Poodle and black and white Cockapoo, all sat in a group. Breed names and small drawings of bones are around the four dogs.


Rectangular tea towel (portrait) white with sketch illustrations of a brown Labrador, apricot Poodle, yellow Spaniel and black and white Cockapoo surrounded by bones. The Hearing Dogs logo is in the centre of the tea towel.


A rectangular wire-bound notepad with multiple cartoon puppy faces on the cover.


Hearing Dogs Oven Glove


A burgundy beanie hat with four paw prints close together on the turned up edge.


Napkin, Labrador, sitting, presents, Christmas tree, baubles, fireplace


Photo of soft crinkle dog toy as if it was laid out flat with all its legs sprawled out. The toy is grey and in the shape of a dog with floppy ears. The toy has two black oval shaped eyes and a large black nose.


A rectangular towel (portrait) with the words 'A house is not a home without paw prints' written on it with cartoon pictures of dogs and small black paw prints. The dogs are a black labrador, apricot Cockapoo, Golden Retriever, black and white Spaniel and brown Dachshund. Hearing Dogs logo is in the top left corner.


Cream box, on its side, which contains the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with a photograph of our a little yellow labrador puppy called Luna happily running with her tongue sticking out.


A birds eye view of the Hearing Dogs Nail File. The Nail File features the design of Hearing Dogs' puppy faces illustrations and the Hearing Dogs logo.


Folded soft looking blue scarf with illustrated dogs of different breeds, such as dalmations, dachshunds and terriers, all over it and Peony label laid on top.


A cream and light blue box of dog biscuits, the box has the words 'The Dog House Sleepy Snacks' on it and a small window so you can see the brown biscuits inside.


Square, pink and cream box that has the words 'The Dog House Random Rewards' on it with a small pile of treats visible through a transparent window in the box. The treats are different colours and shapes such as hearts, bones and tubes.


LCD eWriter

£6.49 - £12.99

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A front on view of the tote bag with the handles pointing upwards. The beige tote bag has illustrations of 4 dogs on the centre of the bag, from left to right, a Labrador, Spaniel, Poodle and Cockapoo. The Hearing Dogs logo is positioned on the centre top of the bag, with a Hearing Dogs label attached to the handles.


White, straight-sided, china mug with one large cartoon puppy face with a burgundy heart on the ear on the side of the mug


Birds eye view of the lid of one of the square shaped snack boxes, featuring cute illustrated dogs of all different breeds, on a light blue background with a cream border.


A square tin with illustrations of plants and a watering can on the top, on its side with its contents in front. Contents pictured are two reels of blue twine, mini snips, garden wire, wooden labels and a pencil.

£8.00 £10.80 25% off

Face-on view of the Lickimat Buddy in turquoise in its packaging. The turquoise mat has a black cardboard sleeve down the middle with a black and white photograph of a German Shepherd and a French Bulldog. There is subtext which says:  'Entertain and Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Boredom with a Lickimat! Great for all sizes and breeds'.


Birdseye view of the grey dog glove as if it was laying flat. Attached to the glove is a small light blue cardboard circular label with the Ancol logo at the top of the label. There is large font text underneath saying: Simply Dry Dog, Noodle Microfibre Quick Dry Glove. Underneath this, there is smaller font text saying: 'Speed up drying time with the incredibly absorbent Simply Dry Dog quick dry glove. With oodles of noodles to catch and absorb mud and water after wet and muddy walks and bath time.'


Red Christmas bauble-shaped soft dog toy. The bauble is round with white snowflake decorations, a gold top and a red and white stripy loop for hanging.


Red box with game title Spotty Sausage Dogs and Orchard Toys logos on it. The picture of the box is three brown cartoon sausage dogs wearing hats and spotty outfits.