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Small folded up bag in pouch on the left and unfolded shopper bag on the right. The bag features sketch illustrations of dogs of different sizes, colours and breeds all wearing the official Hearing Dogs jacket.


Foldway shopping bag with a cartoon puppy face logo pattern. The bag is unfolded and stood up behind the small pouch that it packs down into.


Dog Walkers Mini Must Haves


Front on diagonal angle photo of Cath Kidston Christmas Trio of Handcreams in its outer packaging. The box is a cream colour with festive illustrations on the box. E.g. red ribbon, pink Christmas tree, presents and an ice skating figure. The Cath Kidston name is at the bottom of the box with green coloured text that reads: 'Red Berry & Cedar Hand Cream Trio'.

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Boxed set next to two products in the set. Box has leaf pattern and transparent window to see products. Products next to box are a cream and brown tube of hand scrub and a smaller leaf pattern tube of hand cream.

£11.65 £12.95 10% off

A birds eye view of the Hearing Dogs Nail File. The Nail File features the design of Hearing Dogs' puppy faces illustrations and the Hearing Dogs logo.


Photo of Bath Bomb, in its cube shaped outer packaging with a pink looped ribbon sticking up at the top of the box. One side of the box has a moon shaped cut out where the blue and white bath bomb can be seen. There is also an illustration of a wolf howling, inside a decorated border of festive green foliage. The other side of the box is pink with an illustration of an orange fox inside a decorated border of red and white flowers.

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Folded soft looking blue scarf with illustrated dogs of different breeds, such as dalmations, dachshunds and terriers, all over it and Peony label laid on top.


Peony Scarf - Ella


Shiney pin badge in the shape of a sideways shot of hearing dog Lily. Lily is a light coloured, fluffy Spaniel in a sitting position with her hearing dogs jacket on.


Bird Feeder

£8.00 £11.69 31% off

Tool Set in a Tin

£8.00 £13.99 42% off

A beautifully written book about Sarah and her Hearing Dog Waffle a white cockapoo. The book charts Sarah's early years, her hearing loss, her surgery, adjusting to school life and meeting her Hearing Dog Waffle who made such a difference to her life. Image shows front cover of  90 page paperbook , with Sarah crouching down on a sandy beach with her Hearing Dog Waffle the cockapoo.


Puppy Face Socks

Puppy Face Socks

Available in three sizes

A pair of bamboo socks with thick gold, teal and grey stripes. The socks have a grey ankle band and toe and teal heel.


A pair of bamboo socks with thick gold, burgundy and grey stripes. The socks have a grey ankle band and toe and burgundy heel.


Cream box, on its side, which contains the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with a photograph of our a little yellow labrador puppy called Luna happily running with her tongue sticking out.


Metal rectangle sign, with half light blue and half white colourway. A mixture of coloured font  has been used to write 'Forget The Dog Beware Of The Kids'. A  illustration of small brown, black and white dog has been used in the middle right of sign.


Book cover depicting a person looking out onto hills dappled with sunshine with a blue sky and clouds. The author's name Laura Lowles is at the top of the book in the blue sky with the book name