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A burgundy beanie hat with four paw prints close together on the turned up edge.


Top half of a mannequin body close-up with a burgundy scarf, with white paw prints, wrapped around the neck and hanging down the front.


A zip up purse, with red tag on the zip. In front of the pure is a square hand sanitiser spray, and a tube of hand cream all decorated with the same design of cartoon dogs in a park wearing clothes with the Cath Kidston logo on each.

£9.80 £14.00 (30% off)

A boxed set of three tubes of apple blossom hand cream. The box and the tubes have the same design of cartoon dogs in a park wearing clothes with the Cath Kidston logo on each.

£4.90 £7.00 (30% off)

A small closed compact in a box. The compact and the box have a cartoon dog design with dogs wearing clothes in a park, the box has a product name on it reading 'Mirror Compact Green Apple Lip Balm'.

£5.60 £8.00 (30% off)

Folded soft looking blue scarf with illustrated dogs of different breeds, such as dalmations, dachshunds and terriers, all over it and Peony label laid on top.

£8.75 £12.50 (30% off)

Shiney pin badge in the shape of a sideways shot of hearing dog Lily. Lily is a light coloured, fluffy Spaniel in a sitting position with her hearing dogs jacket on.


Rough heart-shaped, white, distressed plaque with grey writing that says


Cream tote bag with brown long handles, stood on its own. The bag has a simple line sketch drawing of a dog wearing a red neckerchief with white spots, looking at a red ball on the floor in front of it. Green lining is slightly visible.

£12.60 £18.00 (30% off)

A blue tin embossed with a design of illustrated flowers and vegetables with a silver metal catch on either side. Next to the tin is a small tube hand cream and a larger tube of exfoliating hand wash. Both tubes have the same illustrated flower pattern as the tin.

£8.75 £12.50 (30% off)

A stylish kraft boxed set of one tube of hand cream and one  hand sanitiser spray which you can see through deliberate windows in the box. All items have illustrations of flowers across them.

£4.20 £6.00 (30% off)

One hand is holding the nail file and the other is on the nail file, which has cute cartoon pictures of dogs on a green background.


Groomed and Wonderful Tin


Bruce Fogle's 'Call the Vet' paperback book. The colourful cover features various animals, such as a kitten, a parrot and a puppy, around the title.